From his own experiences in recovering from a workplace Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Derek pursued a degree from the University of Manitoba in Social work and went on to begin his career in rehabilitation, with a focus on mental health. He first began working with the Work mans Compensation Boards and then Manulife as a case counsellor, and from this case load and the empathy garnered from his own experiences - a unique style of supporting people in recovery was formed, which ultimately lead to Derek founding Diversified Rehabilitation Group (DRG) – a full service mental health recovery programs to a broad client range in western Canada . As president of DRG, Derek and his team maintain a constant posture towards innovative treatment modalities, which has earned his group respect as leaders in rehabilitation sector. Derek is certified with the Association of Vocational Rehabilitation of Canada and a Registered Vocational Rehabilitation practitioner with the College of Vocational Professionals. His most recent development is a day Emotional Health workshop carried out in the workplace.