Our Origins

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Our Origins

Health Factors for Wellness was formed from the experiences of two organizations whose focus is on restoring mental health.

Health Factors began the Health Factors in-patient program in 2004 and then expanded its work in developing the MyOutcomes® tools that help therapists and counselors improve their effectiveness with clients. These tools are used in over 20 countries by large and small mental health clinics, such as the USA military and the National Centre for Mental Health. Additionally, John Hopkins University and over 20 other universities use the tool for training their students in mental health recovery.

Diversified Rehabilitation has been rehabilitating people to return to work since 2008. Their innovative approach over the years has earned the respect of leaders in mental health rehabilitation. Recently, Diversified Rehabilitation founded the Stress Management Workshop that is currently being used by insurers and corporations. Currently, Diversified Rehabilitation works with clients to overcome mental health struggles through their Kelowna and Vancouver clinics.

How We Came Together

In 2012 Diversified and Health Factors founders and clinicians began envisioning the kinds of results that would be produced if their energies were brought together, thus the converging of two great stories began.

Diversified and Health Factors is proud to present Health Factors for Wellness, a highly effective rehabilitation program that utilizes the most advanced behavioural sciences to restore individuals' mental well-being.