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  • YOUR ENERGY – How do You Spend it?

    Support Strategies, Engaging Group Exercises and a Cut out Wallet Card with Measures to Help Boost Your Energy Levels Sarah’s Story she learns to improve her energy Sarah had a long day Monday. She got lots done and felt good from all she accom­plished, but she was tired so she went to bed early. When she woke Tuesday, Sarah Continue Reading
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  • #4 How Rejuvenation Increases Our Ability to Tolerate Hard Stuff

    Each day when we awaken, we begin to take on the world. We go about engaging in our daily tasks as well as whatever else might be thrown our way. All this activity uses and consumes our pool of resources. Unfortunately, this pool isn’t infinite. With the passing day, the amount of resources at our disposal begins to diminish. The Continue Reading
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  • The Third Method to Reducing Stress Is: Reduce Your Stressors by Managing Your Desires

    When we are feeling Overwhelmed and stressed out, what’s actually going on inside of us? Many times, our emotions and our feelings of stress are interconnected. Have you ever wondered where our emotions come from? Emotions are often rooted in our desires. Desires are powerful motivators. They are things that we want to have happen in our lives, but we Continue Reading
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  • The Second Method to Reducing Stress Is: DE-ESCALATION – An Advanced Technique to Help Calm You Down

    When things begin to pile on us, e.g. our spouse begins placing demands on us at the same time that our employer is placing demands on us…and we still have all of those other things that have to have to be done, the resulting stress can escalate us, moving us much closer to the Unhealthy Stress zone. We may, even, Continue Reading
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