About Health Factors

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About Health Factors

Health Factors was formed from the experiences of Health Factors and the Diversified Rehabilitation Group. Core Competencies

Health Factors is internationally recognized for mental health products that are used in 23 countries and in Canada by both large and small governments, universities, and private organizations.

Health Factors was recently granted the SAMHSA status which authenticates it as an evidence-based method of practice.

Health Factors was the recipient of the United Kingdom Mental Health Innovation of the Year award.

Diversified Rehabilitation Group Inc. ( www.divesifierdrehab.ca) is a private rehabilitation corporation with its head office located in Kelowna, B.C., the heart of the Okanagan Valley. Our Lower Mainland offices are located in Burnaby and Richmond, B.C.

Diversified provides leadership and expertise in Psychological Services, Traumatic Stress Recovery, Occupational Therapy, Stay at Work and Disability Management Services as well as Employee and Family Wellness. Diversified was established in year 2000 and has achieved the following:

  • Architect of Client Focused Return-to work Model
  • 2016 Business Excellence Award Winner
  • Author of Employers and Employees Saving Lives through Organ Donations